Football Academy

An Environment that represents excellence. It demands high standards in all players and symbolises respect, hard work, commitment and honesty.  Claremont Football Academy is a place to pursue and achieve success on the football pitch and in the classroom.

Academy Director

Jim Colston Academy Director

Our Academy Director, Jim Colston, has used his 26 years experience to create what we believe is the best opportunity for young players to realise their footballing dreams, whilst at the same time not just maintaining their academic grades, but excelling in them as well.

The unique curriculum provides the scholars with the tools to raise their game to trial level and with Jim’s contacts in the game, doors can be opened in order to make that happen. None of the sessions clash with any academic lessons and so the boys are never playing catch up with their studies.

The facilities here are Claremont are second to none and we are confident that the school will be a future centre of excellence, providing the perfect stage for football talent to be recognised.

The Academy scholars’ programme is designed to offer each child a structure consisting of the key facets required to be a professional footballer. A talented footballer needs a balanced programme to help him succeed and here at Claremont we have that.

All of our scholars train every day and have a minimum of one competitive match weekly in either one of the League, County or National competitions we compete in.

We have 26 different nationalities in our Academy so we are truly global in our football development programme.

Below are a few examples of some of the exciting sessions the Claremont Football Academy programme has to offer.

  • Speed School –  these sessions are designed to improve movement and agility as well as developing multi-directional movement and speed. A must for any budding pro footballer is the ability to move quickly and make effective use of their body. You have to be athletic to be a successful footballer.
  • Strength and Conditioning sessions taught by Noir Gordon an S&C specialist who helps prepare all types of athletes for their chosen sport and we have him exclusively with us to lead this programme.
  • Technical Training sessions with the Academy Director and coaching staff, working on the topics from our unique, innovative development curriculum designed to improve effectiveness in the game.
  • Competitive school matches home or away and all timetabled to ensure that the boys miss no lessons.
  • Fitness and Agility work in an exclusive session led by the Academy Director designed to improve a range of areas of improvement. This session is designed to give the players one hour of ball-to-foot contact time while working at speed. Also included in this session is resistance training.
  • Futsal sessions and matches – Professional Futsal coaches work with our scholars and we also play in a league weekly. This enhances the players first touch and speed of thought. Futsal is an essential training tool for all players.
  • One touch indoor sessions designed to help scholars react quicker and make decisions under pressure. As well as helping players to create the right body shape to receive the ball it is also a huge part of a footballers learning and essential for any player hoping to succeed at a Premier League Academy.
  • Tactical sessions at the Academy training ground led by the Academy director and our team of experienced coaches.
  • Club training – Players have the opportunity to represent a local club if the Academy staff feel they will benefit from it.
  • District and County Schools opportunities. – All players achieving this higher level of football will have matches on a Saturday representing South East Sussex Schools and/or Sussex Schools FA.
  • Sunday league matches – Players who have been selected to play for external clubs will play in competitive matches on Sundays for their team.

What is happening outside of training?

  • We offer an annual European senior football tour which involves training and playing matches exclusive to CFA. Players are invited to attend according to ability.
  • A showcase training day in front of several professional clubs’ scouts for those who have reached County level.
  • Multiple sets of unique training kit provided.
  • Regular UK Premier League and Championship match tickets available
  • Sports Science days to test fitness levels and help players understand where they can make improvements.
  • Talks from pro players who Jim helped get to the top of the game.
  • Sports nutrition support and advice.
  • Sports science support and advice.
  • Excellent refurbished boarding houses.
  • A chance for scholars to complete their FA Level one Coaching badge when they are 16.
  • Scholars can study for their referees badge.
  • Professional trials for those players who we feel are at that level in their development.
  • An opportunity to play for your country.
  • A full analysis programme.
  • All matches filmed so players can watch themselves perform in competitive situations.
  • A unique player videography created by our analysts, designed to showcase player talent to potential clubs.
  • Goalkeeping support led by our head of Goalkeeping Sam Howes (Watford FC).

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