Performing Arts Centres

The O’Byrne Theatre -St. Leonards

Drama is timetabled for all children in Years 3 to 8 and is allocated 1 hour 20 minutes per week. In addition to this, there are further opportunities for the children to take part in Drama through assemblies, productions and role-play. Children in Pre-Nursery to Year 2 will incorporate Drama within their work and play.. Many children take part in at least one production per year and this may be linked with Music.

Class and subject teachers incorporate Drama into their lessons and activities where appropriate.

From Reception to Year 8, there is the option of taking Speech and Drama lessons with a peripatetic teacher, often leading to LAMDA examination. These lessons are arranged by the parents but take place within the school day and on the premises.

The “Space” Theatre – Bodiam

The old Sports Hall at Claremont Senior School was transformed into a Performing Arts Centre during 2013. It is now a two storey facility incorporating a 250 seat theatre, a lighting and sound gallery, music practice rooms, as well as a Music and IT classroom and a large multi-function space. The style of the build is contemporary and it is used for drama and music lessons, as well as productions, concerts and events. Plans for a cinema projector and cyclorama are underway. Senior School students, as well as Prep ones, benefit from this new venue, called the SPACE Theatre. It was officially opened in December 2013 by local pianist/singer Liane Carroll.