Claremont in France

Claremont School is fortunate to own a well-equipped house in Saint Omer, northern France, once the home and studio of the award winning engraver and illustrator François Chifflart.

Situated in the Pas de Calais department, only 40 minutes drive from the Eurotunnel, Saint Omer is classified as a town of Art and History. Named after the monk who founded the town in 637AD, by the 13th century Saint Omer had become one of the most prosperous towns in the area.

A short walk from the house is the town centre where we explore endless aspects of the French life and culture at first hand. Pupils and staff are inspired by the wealth of opportunities the house, the town and the dynamic area has to offer across the seasons, from one year to another.

Claremont prep school pupils have opportunities to visit la Maison Claremont annually and spend several days of total immersion into French culture. Once returned from la Maison Claremont, they remember vividly the fantastic time they had with their friends and they share with parents and teachers the wonderful memories they had.

10 top things we like doing during our visits to la Maison Claremont:

  1. Going to the French market on Saturday
  2. Asking for “Des pains au chocolat et des croissants” in la Boulangerie
  3. Ordering food and drinks in French in le Rialto or le Carré restaurants
  4. Playing Bowling or Go-Karting sessions or games in the house or a French DVD evening
  5. Buying souvenirs in the Decathlon sports shop and in the Auchan commercial centre
  6. Visiting Nausicaá, the sea life centre in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Year 4
  7. Visiting Arc International, a world famous glass factory in Arques, Year 5
  8. Visiting Dunkirk Memorial du Souvenir, Bray Dunes and la Cathèdrale in Saint Omer, Year 6
  9. Visiting Le Plus, a science centre in Capelle-la-Grande, or talking to French pupils and visiting Collège Saint Bertin, Year 7
  10. Visiting La Coupole, World War II bunker museum, Year 8