Sasha Melnikova, Boarding

Hello everybody! My name is Sasha Melnikova, I came to Claremont from Chelyabinsk, Russia. I did not want to live in the host family that is why I was glad to have an opportunity to live in the Boarding House. I have been living here only 2 months, but I have already enjoyed the time which I spend in the Boarding House. All children here are very friendly and funny and if I need any help I can always ask them about it. I cannot imagine what could I do without Sarah’s help in maths (she joined us from China). As for rooms and facilities, I really like it. And I love to feel home comfort here even if I miss my home. Thanks for that Mrs Martin, who always decorate Boarding House in different holidays and thanks Mr Patel for all funny holidays, which he arranged for us.

We are always grate to meet new students! See you πŸ™‚