Emily Manning, Y8

I think Claremont School is a fun and happy environment, not only to learn in, but also to figure out the crucial life skills for when we are older and start making big decisions of our own. Over the years Claremont has changed, but now I think it has reached the stage, were it does not need to be changed anymore because it is perfect just how it is. Soon I will leave this school, but I will never forget Claremont, it really has made a mark in me forever. The teachers, the food, the uniform, it will all stay with me, but I think the thing that I will remember the most is my friends. That is what I love about Claremont the most; you will always be surrounded by kind and true friends, people that you could never forget. It does not matter who you are, there will always be someone that would be the best friend you could ever have.