Cheryl Cheng, Boarding

It’s my first time living in a boarding house, before I came I was thinking about a lot of things, are people here nice? Is the food here delicious? Is my room good enough? What if i am ill? And so on. After about half a year of living here I think I thought too much before. Everyone in the boarding house is nice, friendly and warm-hearted. Our chef  is really  good at cooking. I have my own room which is big, quiet and has an en-suite bathroom. In the boarding house there are some large rooms, when I first arrived I shared with someone else. At the beginning we were home sick, so we lived in the room for three people. I think it helped us to get through a tough time and feel much better. The matron helped me a lot when I was feeling home sick, when I wanted to talk to someone,when I had no confidence. She just listened like my friends. She comforted, chatted and encouraged me. Now I think she is more like my mother. The nurse visits the boarding  house regularly, so if we feel unwell we can talk with her. However, now I can feel like I am at home at the wonderful boarding house.