Academic Life

The study of A levels is the central pillar of Claremont’s academic life in the Sixth Form. While the great majority of students tend to pursue three A levels and one AS level in the first year of study, we seek to tailor our provision to the individual student’s particular learning needs. Our portfolio of subjects seeks to cater to all of the traditional subject areas (Science, Humanities and Creative Arts) while also opening up new avenues for sixth form study (Psychology, Government & Politics, Economics).

In keeping with our overall vision for the Sixth Form, the emphasis both inside and outside the classroom will be in the development of personal responsibility in students’ learning. Nurturing a collaborative, committed and self-starting mentality is a central element in our commitment to prepare our students for the challenges of university or the workplace. Assessment is rigorous throughout the two years, with weekly tests providing students and parents with an ongoing measure of their progress throughout their sixth form studies.