Sixth Form

Never has the role of a Sixth Form been more important than it is today. In an era when the options available to a school leaver are diverse, inspiring, yet also challenging, a school’s duty is clear: to prepare, advise and guide students so that they can enter the next stage of their life confident and equipped to thrive and progress. The Claremont Sixth Form experience is designed with this knowledge at its very heart – we seek to prepare young men and women, both inside and outside the classroom so that they are equipped with knowledge and the ability to use it effectively.

School leavers in the 21st century face difficult questions. Do I go to university or not? Should I start work and train in the workplace? Should I take vocational or academic courses? Should I have a Gap Year? How am I going to afford the next stage of my life? Will I get a job? Whatever the choices that are made, one thing is certain; a modern Sixth Form must deliver a programme that is not only academically rigorous, but is also supported by the widest possible range of academic and practical learning experiences. Today’s sixth former needs to leave school with a portfolio of evidence charting not only their academic ability, but evidencing the skills they have developed, the experiences they have had, and demonstrating their all-round capabilities as a student, employee and citizen.

It is with this in mind that we have set about devising a sixth form programme that has two interrelated purposes. The first is to deliver a high quality academic provision, built on outstanding teaching practice and tailored to the individual needs of the student. The second purpose is to nurture the leadership and communication skills of our students, providing the arena for them to develop themselves into socially responsible, personally organised and confident young adults. It is a programme that will be delivered by a team of staff that represent all of the qualities that Claremont Senior School has become associated with: energy, dedication and, above all else, genuine expertise in their fields. The transition from childhood to adult life is further supported by a truly outstanding pastoral system with the role of the personal tutor at its heart.

As a new Sixth Form we have a tremendous opportunity to deliver a programme that reflects the very particular needs of modern society. As a result we have sought to design a sixth form experience that reflects the diversity of modern life and equips our students with the skills, qualifications and mentality to tackle life’s challenges.