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Being a teeenager in the 21st Century presents both extraordinary opportunities and hidden challenges. Never has there been a greater array of career paths, university courses and avenues to explore as the forces of technological change transform our world. Simultaneously these very same changes throw up unexpected consequences and pitfalls. Nothing is sacred as the political, economic and social certainties of previous generations have, one by one, been cast aside. This presents a good Senior School with significant challenges: how do you prepare young people for a world that never stands still and for jobs that do not exist yet?

Claremont School’s answer to that question is an unrelenting focus on attitude and activism as the central pillars of its holistic educational philosophy. By presenting students with challenge, opportunity and experimentation we seek to give them the confidence to fulfill their individual potential. We encourage each to embark on their own journey and provide the happy and safe environment they need to make their mistakes, learn from each other and make ever better decisions.

Head of Senior School

     Ed Dickie      Head of Senior School

Our phenomenal growth as a school has been on the back of this progressive and dynamic educational philosophy and every step taken in our short life has had amazing learning as its guiding principle. Building developments such as a new sports hall, dedicated Sixth Form Centre, Art and Photography Department and the new Performing Arts Centre are all designed with the students learning experience at their heart.

An extensive extra curricular programme, enrichment and service programmes recognise that, for many young people, the greatest learning experiences can come outside the classroom. Our pastoral system looks to build the resilience and self awareness that arms our young people against the slings and arrows modern life can throw at them. Sporting and Artistic programmes offer different routes for personal fulfillment.

Relaxed, but ambitious and rigorous in approach, Claremont is a local school with an international perspective. Leading this school forward is a daily treat. It is a special place to work and a unique place to learn. In the eight years since its foundation our School has shown the community that independent education can be a dynamic and accessible choice for parents. Down to earth and possessed with an unrelenting focus on giving its students the best possible preparation for the world, Claremont provides an environment where all are welcome and all can thrive.

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Ofsted Inspection Report April 2016

The personal development of children, pupils and learners is outstanding. Pupils are incredibly proud of their school and rightly so. Their behaviour is exemplary and their personal progress is truly impressive. They develop quickly into intelligent, rounded young people who are ready to contribute their skills, knowledge and values to the wider world.

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