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If you are looking for an immersive educational experience for your children, allowing them to live and develop in an environment focused on language learning, Laude Claremont is the best school to learn in an incomparable school. 

Our private school in England is located in the county of East Sussex, in the southeast zone of the United Kingdom. Our British school offers a unique educational environment, where our students receive a personalized education, based on language learning and the transmission of educational values. 

Why are we considered the best private school of East Sussex?

At Laude Claremont we have created the best educational experience, our commitment is based on developing the linguistic abilities of our students, so they can develop their communication skills in several languages. 

These are the reasons why we are an educational center of reference in the United Kingdom.

Leisure, sports and cultural facilities

We have all kinds of facilities for sports and cultural activities. Our students enjoy facilities oriented to their training from a practical point of view. 

Multilingual teaching

Multilingual teaching is one of the commitments of the Laude schools. In the case of Laude Claremont, it is an immersive experience in which our students can learn in an English-speaking environment.

Values based on integral education and respect

Beyond our pedagogical proposal, we insist on teaching a series of values that our students will have to put into practice during their adult life.

Digital learning from the very beginning

We get our students to integrate the use of digital tools in their daily lives, as part of their preparation for the challenges they will have to face in their future. 

Advantages of studying at our Private School

There are many advantages of studying at Laude Claremont School, some of the most important are the following.

Educational Excellence

Our goal is to offer each of our students the best educational experience, with personalized programs oriented to the teaching of languages and an education focused on their future.

We work on students’ Digital Competence

We have the necessary technology so that all our students can learn in a digital environment, which allows them to integrate these tools in their daily life in our school.

Personalized learning based on motivation

The emotional level is very important when it comes to learning. We insist on educating our students based on their motivation, so they can develop a positive attitude towards their training process.

Student orientation programs

We guide all our students in a personal way, they can feel supported in each of the decisions they make regarding their academic and professional future.

Private school for all educational stages in East Sussex

In our private school in the United Kingdom they will be able to attend all the stages prior to their university studies. Once they have completed their compulsory education, they will have the skills that they need to enter university with confidence, and with the basic knowledge to develop the career that they want.  

At Laude Claremont they will be able to prepare for their future in an English-speaking environment where they can learn to express themselves in several languages, with the fluency with which they communicate in their mother tongue. 

Our Bilingual School receives the best academic results!

Our main guarantee is the results that, year after year, our students obtain. We apply a highly successful educational process, based on language teaching and student motivation. We work with personalized programs, the student is the protagonist of his or her own academic development. The result is a student capable of facing any challenge, and with the conviction that his or her personal education is a lifelong process.  

We are part of ISP

One of the advantages of our school is that we are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), this institution allows us to work in an educational environment focused on language learning through cultural exchanges. Our students not only practice their communication skills, but also learn first-hand about other cultures, enriching their abilities and their knowledge of the world around them. 

ISP allows us to offer the most complete education and language programs that our students need for their future.   

International Bilingual Private School: International Programs

Our international programs focus on the use of the language in a practical way. The objective during the learning of a language is based on communicative skills, our international programs encourage students to put into practice what they learn in the classroom through immersive experiences.

Beyond learning the language, this type of activities also allows them to interact with their environment and discover other cultures, in a first contact with the future that awaits them during their adult life. 

Choosing the best private school for your children’s future

Academic learning will influence the student’s life, having a solid base of knowledge, learning languages and putting values into practice is fundamental for a student to be able to face the challenges that the future holds. At Laude Claremont we have developed a comprehensive academic program, based on language learning, but focused on other educational aspects that are basic for all our students. In addition to the international experience, we offer the possibility of studying in a unique environment and with a personalized educational program.  

Deadline for enrollment in the Private School

The registration period for Laude Claremont is now open, if you want your children to study in a great school in the south of the United Kingdom, make your reservation now.  

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Contact us

Contact us through our website, or if you prefer, you can come and visit our schools in East Sussex, UK. 


Claremont School
Nursery & Prep

Ebdens Hill, Baldslow, St. Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex, TN37 7PW
01424 751555

Claremont School
Senior and Sixth Form

Bodiam, Nr. Robertsbridge,
East Sussex, TN32 5UJ
01580 830396

Claremont School
Clyde House

Clyde Ho/258 Sedlescombe Road North,
St Leonards-on-sea TN37 7JL
01424 233000

Claremont School
Pyke House

Claremont Boarding House Upper Lake,
Battle, East Sussex, TN33 0AN
01424 775332

Claremont School
French Study Centre

La Maison Claremont,
14 rue de l'arbalete,
62500, St Omer

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