Learning Support

Small group and individual Learning Support is available across the school to meet a range of learning needs.  We employ a fully  qualified  SENCO and several individual needs and teaching assistants with a range of qualifications.  We aim to identify learning difficulties as early as possible through regular communication between parents and school staff, as well as through observation and assessment within the classroom and within the Learning Support department.  Following this, if deemed appropriate by parents and school staff, referral for further assessment may be made to Educational Psychologists beyond the school.

Recommendations for support that emanate from assessment reports are communicated to all staff involved with the pupil and there is close communication between the school and these outside agencies in order to meet needs to the optimum level.

Parents are involved in discussions at all stages of learning support from initial raising of concern, through the assessment processes and on into implementation of a variety of support strategies and programmes.

The school offers one-to-one, specialist teacher learning support, as well as one-to-one, teaching assistant support. An additional fee is charged for these support mechanisms.

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