Activities Programme

Our extensive club and activities programme presents students with a wide variety of challenging and enjoyable activities. Students are given the opportunity to develop new skills and interests in areas they might never have considered before. Claremont School provides a rich opportunity to broaden students’ horizons, foster life-long learning and celebrate different strengths.

Every member of our boarding community is encouraged to develop strengths and interests through our wider curriculum and is supported to do so by our boarding team. Some of these activities have a cost, some are free; some take place regularly, some happen occasionally, some happen once or twice a year. We do our best to help you use your time in an interesting way.

All boarders from Year 9 upwards have the option to be involved in our Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE).

Claremont’s purpose-built theatre and studio space present a fantastic opportunity for our students. We have a mixture of contemporary and classic drama in a typical year, as well as regular musical and other artistic productions.

Our wide variety clubs/organised activities include:

Table football, table tennis, allotment/gardening, tennis, chess, mountain biking, cricket, Judo, board games, girls and boys’ football, Zumba, volleyball, International Club, Rounders, girls and boys rugby, free weight lifting, archery, film, golf, stage crew, horse riding, fitness, drama, netball, cricket, individual music lessons, ensembles and choirs, athletics, drum and percussion, cookery club and visual arts.

Starting your own club

Boarders have their own student council, and can start their own clubs with the approval of the Housemaster, so if there is an activity that boarders really want, it can be added to the list!