In the Sixth Form students are offered leadership opportunities through the School Prefects programme that enables them to take on new responsibilities beyond their standard curriculum. Whilst serving their school community, School Prefects develop new skills in terms of confidence, self-discipline and effective team work.

The Role of Prefect is varied, sometimes challenging and always rewarding. Functioning effectively as a team, implementing projects, being a role model for their peers and a supportive member of the school community are only but a few of the aspects this post entails. Support is at hand through fortnightly meetings with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. There, Prefects learn the basics of meeting etiquette and are initiated to the taking of minutes. The School Prefect Google Forum also enables ideas to be shared and discussions to be logged.


For the first time this year we held a Leadership Training conference for our Prefects. The main purpose of this event was to raise the participants’ awareness of the values of team work
within an organisation, be it school or work. Participants studied the qualities attached to different team members in a business environment and reflected on their own skill sets. They then undertook a pressurised in-tray exercise in which they had to prioritise various issues by deciding what needed to be dealt with most urgently.

They finally engaged in numerous role-plays equipping them with the necessary skills to interact with peers and co-workers in a range of conflict situations.


Claremont Senior School Prefects

  • Represent the school community on Open days, Parents’ evenings and such events
  • Take prospective parents and other visitors on tours of the school
  • Assist in the school’s major events (theatre productions, sports’ day, Speech day)
  • Assist in the smooth running of the school (assemblies, lunch time duties, supervision of junior after school study periods) and carry out a range of duties to support staff.
  • Act as a role model for their peers and offer support when relevant. This is facilitated through the House system. Each prefect is attached to a House and works closely with one junior Form group within that House.
  • Manage the Students’ Voice group under the guidance of the Head Girl / Head Boy.

Our Prefects display self-discipline, good communication skills and caring for others. They represent the whole School community and promote a positive image of the school.

The process of application to become a School Prefect involves an initial letter of application to the Headmaster followed by an interview with the Headmaster and the Senior teacher responsible for Prefects during the late Spring term of Year 12. Opinions from the rest of the staff and students are also sought before the final nominations. Prefects take up their posts in the summer term of Year 12 in preparation for their role in Year 13. A Head of School and Deputy Head of School are also appointed each year out of the nominated cohort of School Prefects. This is a recognised accolade for students whose contributions to school life have been outstanding.


For further information on Claremont Senior Prefects and Leadership programme, contact francoise.armstrong@claremontschool.co.uk