Applicable to all children attending Claremont from September 2016.

Non-recurring Charges
Application Fee non-refundable £100
Fixed Deposit (Main School) refundable £300
Pre-Preparatory Department
Reception Class (approx. age 4) per term £2,100
Years 1 and 2 (approx. ages 5 – 7) per term £2,500
Preparatory School
Year 3 (approx. ages 7 – 8) per term £3,250
Years 4 – 8 (approx. ages 8 – 13) per term £3,850

Sibling Discounts on Fees 

The following discounts apply to Senior School, Preparatory School and Nursery School fees (excluding Butterflies for which no sibling or other discounts are available) for the period during which two or more children of the same family are in attendance at Claremont School.

Oldest Child no reduction
Second Child 10% discount on school fees
Third Child 15% discount on school fees

Prep School Fees & Fee Regulations from September 2016

Full application form (2016)

Full application form and 2017 fees